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It’s 7am & I’m still awake, I cant sleep, I can never sleep. I take sleeping pills but I’m starting to feel like they are doing more harm to me then good, why cant I be normal & get tired & then go to sleep like everyone else. It’s been years since I’ve just been sleepy on my own, laid down & then went to sleep. I can hear the rooster crowing, birds chirping & people starting there cars up for work. Ugh, somethings gotta give.

Workout Music :)

Making playlists & finding new music to workout to is one of my favorite parts. If I have a good playlist I can workout forever, & it seems to make the time go by faster. I’ll probably be posting the songs I workout to when I get finished, & if you have any good ideas for songs please send them my way! <3

May I burrow your body for like the next 40 years? :)


I cant stand having stretch marks, but what I can’t stand even more is when I say that & someone says “don’t feel bad, skinny people have them to”. Seriously? Is that honestly supposed to make me feel better, I have a lot of things that “skinny” people have to. Ears, legs, eyes, hair, feet & etc. that doesn’t make the fact that I don’t like them suddenly okay. Lol, my daily errrrk.

Positive note, I hope everyone is having a wonderful, ‘morning/day/night’ depending where you are, it’s currently 2:40am in Wv & I’m awake, story of my life, blah.

This WILL be my month!